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Banda MS Drops Bombs In Exclusive Interview, Announces 2nd Concert w/Snoop

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Banda MS Drops Bombs In Exclusive Interview, Announces 2nd Concert w/Snoop

“En la música, que es el idioma universal, todo es posible, todo se puede hacer."

Banda MS talks collab with Vicente, smoking the herb with Snoop...and announces second date for the most anticipated show of the year, their team-up with the Doggfather, "Dos Culturas, Una Union."

Riding high, pun intended, on the wave of their fire collab with Snoop Dogg, Banda MS frontmen Alan Manuel Ramírez Salcido and Oswaldo "Walo" Silvas Carreón get real with LATINLIVE’s La Morrita, discussing life in quarantine, Snoop's surprise rap en español, future collabs, and big plans for Dos Culturas, Una Union, their upcoming concerts - that's right, multiple - with the Doggfather, which may or may not include fog-machining the crowd with hierbita“Se va poner loca la gente.”

The following interview has been (mostly) translated and edited for clarity. Scroll down to watch full interview en español.

“Teníamos miedo”: On collabing with Snoop, el sueño y el nervio... 

Morrita: Que Maldición is such an important collaboration, especially for people like me, who are Mexican, but born in the United States, because it’s not just a blend of two genres, it’s blending two cultures. Did you guys imagine it was going to be such a chart-topper?

Oswaldo: That was the dream, that was the intention...but we weren’t sure what was going to happen.

Alan: De hecho, teníamos miedo. 

O: Teníamos nervio. 

M: Porque?

A: These are two very different genres, and doing a duet with someone like Snoop Dogg, it’s intimidating. We said, let’s try it and see how it sounds. We’re not immersed in Snoop’s genre, but we know people, like my compadre Pavel Ocampo, who did the arrangements, we said let’s send it to him first, because he knows everything about music. We finally worked up the courage to send it to him, and he said he loved it.

“No nos cabía en la cabeza”: On big dreams and Snoop dropping the Spanish bomb

M: Did you know Snoop was going to rap in Spanish?

O: [No!] We sent him the song, because he said, ‘send it to me, I’m going to work my magic on it.’ We sent it, and when we got it back with his vocals, we wanted to die...when he comes in rapping in Spanish - es algo que no nos cabía en la cabeza, it was an explosion! That’s it. It was magic what he did.

M: That’s everyone’s reaction! I was curious to see how Snoop Dogg’s fans reacted, non-Latinos, and they’re having the same reaction as us!

A: I think Snoop Dogg is an artist who has always done what he wanted to do, and his fans love him unconditionally. We saw that when he started singing reggae, during the era of Snoop Lion, he does what he loves to do, without worrying about anything else, and his fans accept it and love him for it. To have that unconditional love from the public, that’s the dream of Banda MS, to one day get to that point.

“La música de banda va trascender...Todo es posible”: On opening doors and their next collab

M: With this door that’s just opened, I can imagine you doing a collab with Beyonce!

A: That’s what we want to do, open doors, pave the way, because that’s what the big bandas of the past did, they paved the way for us. We had an easier time coming up thanks to them. Now it’s our turn to open doors, so that tomorrow, another banda can come along and advance more easily.

O: And do things even bigger and better.

A: Exactly, do bigger and better things, and even more innovative.

O: La música de banda va trascender.

M: Ya está trascendiendo! So, who’s your next collab?

O: A dream we’ve always had is to record with Vicente Fernandez. For us, that would be el maximo here in Mexico. In the future, we’d love the possibility to work with urbano artists like Daddy Yankee, J Balvin, there are so many artists we admire...and now we realize that anything is possible, in music, which is the universal language, todo es posible, todo se puede hacer.

The thing is that it has to happen on its own...we don’t like to force things. We’re going to let things flow, keep working on what we’re focused on doing and see what our fans, el tiempo, Dios, la vida has to offer.

“Verde es vida”: On smoking with Snoop, hot-boxing the crowds at Dos Culturas, Una Union, and the new concert date...

M: Snoop is well known for his love of hierbita. If he invited you to smoke, would you?

A: (referring to Oswaldo) El no, yo si!

O: (referring to Alan) Mi parte se la voy a donar al el!

A: He’s never smoked.

O: Never.

A: I say, what’s the harm? Uno del verde o uno del cafe, es lo mismo.

O: Dice que el verde es vida!

M: Snoop says he gets his best ideas like that! Tell me about the concert, are people going to get crazy?

A: It’s a gift, and it’s going to be different from anything you’ve ever seen before. Yeah, I think people are going to get crazy. If not, we’ll just get some of Snoop’s hierbita and *he mimes hosing the crowd with a fog machine*...se va poner loca la gente! 

O: And I'm going to tell you something nobody else knows. I don't have permission, but I'm telling you anyway - we have a second concert already confirmed with Snoop. It won't be in Ontario, it will be in another city. We'll confirm the second location soon.

“Avientense”: On babies, abuelas, Bad Bunny and the #MaldicionChallenge 

M: So, who came up with the #MaldiciónChallenge? 


Alan ##lamaldicion

♬ Qué Maldición - Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio Lizárraga & Snoop Dogg

O: Sergio Lizarraga’s daughter. Then Alan did his, then everyone started doing it! Celebrities...

A: Bad Bunny did a video!

M: Le pego la maldicion a Bad Bunny!

O: ...babies, even grandmothers! I saw one woman, she had to have been 80 years old, and she came out and sang the Banda MS part dressed as Banda MS, and then put on a rasta hat with a blunt in hand for the Snoop part. I loved it!


Feliz día de las madres, ????????únete a nuestro challenge????????y saca a bailar a tu Súper Mamá ##quemaldicion ##diadelasmadres ##lamaldicion

♬ Qué Maldición - Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio Lizárraga & Snoop Dogg

A: Keep doing it so we can keep sharing it!

O: Banda MS is sharing the challenge videos to our social media, so keep doing them. Right now, we need content that will make us laugh, that will entertain us. Entonces, avientense!

“Un fuerte abrazo”: On extrañando sus papás, protecting each other, and supporting our essential workers

M: What are you doing right now at home? What’s your day-to-day like?

A: Me levanto, desayuno, y me desocupo.

O: Right, and I’m his assistant. (Laughs) Really, our work isn’t just being on the stage. In fact, being on stage isn’t work for us at all, that’s the thing we enjoy most in this world of music. The real work comes before and after, and that’s the work we’re continuing to do, recording in the studio, working on ideas for our shows.

M: What do you miss the most?

A: What you miss the most is being with your dad, your mom. It’s not the same being on a call as being there with them, present. It’s one of the things I miss most.

M: What message do you want to send to your fans?   

A: We want to say thank you to all the people who love our music.

O: And we want to tell our fans to have faith, to take the necessary precautions, to take care of themselves, protect themselves, protect your loved ones. There are a lot of people who are working hard on the frontlines, the doctors, nurses, farm workers, the people who put food on our tables...queremos mandarles un abrazo fuerte. There are people who are really having a bad time, who can’t see their kids, their wife, their own family, the people closest to them. Hay que ayudar. We have to help.

And how can we help? Following government guidelines, staying home, and taking care of ourselves, so that this whole thing can be over more quickly.

At the end of the day, we’re going to realize that the most important thing in this life no es economico, es la salud.

Un fuerte abrazo y que Dios los bendiga.