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"Justice For My Dad": Son Sets Up GoFundMe For Raspado Seller, 3rd Street Vendor Attacked

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"Justice For My Dad": Son Sets Up GoFundMe For Raspado Seller, 3rd Street Vendor Attacked

He made them raspados, then they hit him in the face.

And laughed.

First the elotera, then the vendor selling face masks, now this.

He made them raspados, then they hit him in the face and walked away casually, laughing.

In each attack, the perpetrators filmed the whole incident and broadcast it to social media, laughing at their exploits. 

The laughter may be the most infuriating part.

These perps, different in each attack, casually, callously assaulted and humiliated men and women just trying to make an honest living - and they laughed.

Men and women who, because of their status in society, are more vulnerable and less likely to go to the police.

And they did it for entertainment.

Humberto Maciel's father is not here for your entertainment.

"My father has been working hard every day," writes Humberto in the GoFundMe he set up, "Justice for my dad".

"It is unfortunate that we are going through this ... hardly anyone is outside to give my dad their business." And now, the few that are, pose a threat. 

"I am raising this money for us to be ok during this Quarantine and to make sure my dad doesn’t have to worry about bills or having to be humiliated in the streets," he writes

Some have wondered if this spate of attacks on Mexican/Latino street vendors could escalate into a race war, but, as TheFooCommunity tweeted:

Many in the black community have condemned these attacks and come out to support street vendors and the Mexican/Latino community. 

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Shoutout to @trucarr_ ???????? #BlackAndBrownUnity ✊????✊????✊????✊???? (Vía: @trucarr_) My Nigga Still #Outside ???? Appreciate That Brodie ???? REPOST THIS THO ‼️ #CornMan #CornLady #Mexican #latinos #AfricanAmericans TAG SOMEBODY ‼️❤️???????? I need every one to go support the corn man Nd post videos Right now Make this viral #westandtogether Its alot of stupid PPl out here But one bad apple can not be the example of all #blackamericans Ima Show The Positive Parts Fs fs will never come at no body #Clockedin Witch mean eny one getting it out the MUD out the back of the trunk Or just out here putting in hard work Dont let this media shit control our actual life put some light on something positive At time like this we need to all be supporting each other nd coming together as one RaCE the #humanrace Whats right is right whats wrong is wrong Dont let ay group of kids Come between #blackandbrownunity @yg. Fuck with #latinos. Hard This had nothing to do with race its All the attention yall giving it Focus on some positive solutions Every one go support the corn man Nd post videos how about that Instead of turning ppl against each other” #foocommunity

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Despite police involvement, the perpetrators of these attacks remain at large.

The perps are different people in each incident, which is disturbing, as it indicates a trend rather than repeat-offenders.

If you are a vendor or know any vendors in the community, please keep an eye out.

Support street vendors.