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Unreal Collaboration: Carlos Santana Shreds on Felly's "Heartstrings"

Entertainment By Denise Chisolm
Unreal Collaboration: Carlos Santana Shreds on Felly's "Heartstrings"

Collaborations have become all the rage in recent years. Artists such as DJ Khaled have been climbing the Billboard charts through the sheer power of great collaborations. Indeed, there aren't a lot of better things in the industry than two artists pushing each other to the limit, in hopes of producing something great.

One such collaboration is our topic here, as it pairs a living legend with one of today's biggest rising stars. If you want to know more about this, read on for some information on Felly and Carlos Santana's track, Heartstrings!

Perfect Match


Christian Felner, more popularly known as Felly, is a rapper-singer-producer from Connecticut. His first album Surf Trap has garnered millions of streams across multiple music platforms that landed him a record deal with Sony Entertainment. He is the modern portrait of an artist, with a sound that takes jazz, rap, and hip hop — melding them all together to create music that is truly his own. Felly aims to capitalize on the success of Surf Trap through his next album, with three singles released so far. The latest release is Heartstingsin collaboration with the legendary Carlos Santana.

At first glance, it's no wonder why this collaboration works, as the two play off of each other so well. Santana adds a new dimension by adding deep tones to the track that only he can bring. His playing style is one of the reasons why the Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer is one of the most cloned distortion pedals of all time. This is a sound that truly rings true in Heartstrings. Indeed, Santana's iconic blues sound is the perfect complement to Felly's soulful hip hop and jazz style. And if this track is any indication of the album to come, then great things lie ahead for Felly.

A Living Legend


Despite his age, Carlos Santana is still quite active in the music industry. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee even has a 2020 tour lined up where Santana will be playing fifteen concerts all across the globe. He has also been busy collaborating with several musicians over the last few years. Aside from Felly, Santana has collaborated with the likes of Tyga on the song Mamacita — showing that his sound blends well with today's music.

This isn't surprising, as most of Santana's best work has been born out of collaboration. In fact, one of Santana's greatest hits was made in collaboration with a much younger artist from a completely different background. 1999's Smooth, in collaboration with Matchbox Twenty's Rob Thomas, is proof of Santana's knack for working with others. His technical mastery lets him adapt perfectly, even when working with someone whose music falls under a completely different genre.

This is the magic of music collaborations and a unique example of how artists thrive when they work together despite their differences in style and genre. This is the magic that Felly and Santana captured, which is hopefully the first of many between the two.



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