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Latinas Clean Infected Hospital Rooms That Non-Latino Staff Refused To Clean

Health By A. RUIZ
Latinas Clean Infected Hospital Rooms That Non-Latino Staff Refused To Clean

Doing the jobs that others won't do.

In a viral video, Latina janitorial staff reveal that they are cleaning rooms that "las Americanas" refuse to clean.

"The hospital rooms infected with coronavirus that the Americans don't want to clean, we to do it ourselves," says a woman in a viral video that was posted in a private Mexican culture Instagram account.

In the video, which now has over 140,000 views, two women dressed in janitorial staff uniforms talk about cleaning the rooms that "American", meaning non-Latino, non-immigrant, staff were excused from cleaning.

One of the women films her coworker mopping as she describes the situation at their hospital.

"Today they called in one of the American workers and she said that she didn't want to clean the [infected] room. They told her that was okay, no problem," says the woman in Spanish.

However, according to the woman, when a Latina coworker expressed concerns about cleaning an infected room, instead of reassuring her, the hospital fired her on the spot, telling her "to go home and never come back."

The video demonstrates an ugly truth, that many employers, and people, treat immigrant workers and workers of color very differently than they do other employees. "We aren't worth anything to them," says the woman mopping.

At the same time, it demonstrates how important immigrants and Latinos really are to our nation, especially in this time of crisis, doing the jobs that "Americans" won't do.

In order to protect the privacy and jobs of the women in the video, we won't be sharing it here.