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Latina Model With Down Syndrome Rocks Runway At New York Fashion Week

Fashion By O. DELGADO
Latina Model With Down Syndrome Rocks Runway At New York Fashion Week

"I was born for this."

Sofía Jirau, a young Latina with Down Syndrome, stunned the world at New York Fashion Week.

Having Down Syndrome hasn’t kept Sofía Jirau from living her dream.

“One day, I looked at myself in the mirror and said, ‘I’m going to be a model and I’m going to make it in New York.’ And look at me, here I am,” the 22-year-old posted to Instagram, captioning a video of her rocking the runway at New York Fashion Week, modeling for designer Marisa Santiago.



"Yesterday, my dream came true," Sofia shared in another post.  “I was born for this and I want to show the world that I have everything a model needs to shine.”



As much as Sofia is basking in the glow of this dream come true, the intrepid Latina has even bigger dreams.

"I want to model around the world," she writes. 

“If that's her goal, it’s our challenge,” says Armando Lorenzo, a member of Sofía's volunteer logistics team, in an interview with PEOPLE.



Sofia's team of volunteers help her with things like her photoshoots and social media, as well as the fashionista’s very own line of clothing and accessories, Alavett (which is how Sofía spells her favorite phrase, “I love it”).

For the burgeoning entreprenuer, being a successful businesswoman is just as important as her modeling career.



In all things, Sofía has the unwavering support of her family, who flew out from their home in Puerto Rico to witness the young boricua’s NYFW debut.



With the support of her family, volunteer team, and thousands of fans and followers around the world, nothing is impossible for big-dreaming, hard-working Sofía.

As she tells PEOPLE:

"Inside and out, there are no limits. There aren’t. Everyone can accomplish their dreams."

Up next? “Europe,” says Sofía confidently. And then, “the rest of the world.”

Suerte Sofía, sigue posando sin límites.

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