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JLo-Shakira Becomes Most Watched And Liked Super Bowl Halftime Show Of All Time

Entertainment By O. DELGADO
JLo-Shakira Becomes Most Watched And Liked Super Bowl Halftime Show Of All Time

Superstars JLo and Shakira, the first two Latinas to headline Super Bowl halftime together, have made halftime show history.

With over 86 MILLION views and 2 MILLION likes, JLo and Shakira's explosive halftime performance has become the most watched, most liked halftime show of all time on Youtube. 



Thanks in part to conservative outrage, including one man who is planning to sue the NFL for "putting him in danger of hellfire," the show has become not only the most watched, but the most talked about since Janet's nip slip.

The performance featured appearances by Bad Bunny, JLo's daughter Emme, and J Balvin singing his hit "Mi Gente." -- and, of course, JLo and Shakira's greatest hits, including newer songs like JLo's "On The Floor" and older ones like Shakira's "Whenever, Wherever," which hit number one on the charts again almost 20 years after it was first released.

In fact, JLo & Shakira's song catalog netted a whopping 893% rise in sales after the Super Bowl.



It was not just an incredibly choreographed spectacle showcasing the performers' talent and athleticism, the show was a celebration of Latino culture and pride.



Shakira's music and performance was, as always, inspired by her Colombian and Lebanese heritage, notably shouting out both the Arabic zaghrouta and Afro-Latino Carnivale tradition with her tongue-flicking ululation.



In a powerful statement, the show featured children in cages, who then joined the singers on stage, where JLo's daughter Emme sang "Born In The USA" and JLo shouted "Latinos, Let's Get Loud" while wearing the U.S. and Puerto Rican flags, a border fence projected in the background.



And perhaps that is the real reason why many conservatives were so offended by the show, not the "crotch shots," as they claim, but the celebration of a culture, a language, and a people which they don't understand.

Rock on mujeres. Let's keep fighting the good fight with excellence.