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Iowa Woman Admits To Running Over 14-year-old Girl Because She Was "A Mexican"

Culture & Community By Thairi Kahoiti
Iowa Woman Admits To Running Over 14-year-old Girl Because She Was "A Mexican"

Nicole Marie Poole Franklin has been charged with attempted murder after intentionally running over a teenaged girl because she was "a Mexican."

Fourteen-year-old Natalia Miranda was walking to school when an SUV drove up onto the sidewalk and hit her straight on, running her over. 

Although the driver fled the scene, police were able to identify her as 42-year-old Nicole Marie Poole Franklin, a resident of Des Moines, Iowa.

After running over Miranda, Franklin sped to a nearby gas station, where she was arrested for shouting racist epithets and throwing things at employees and customers.

According to local Iowa station KCCI, Franklin told detectives that she intentionally ran over Miranda because she was "a Mexican." KCCI reports that she "went on to make derogatory statements about Latinos."

Miranda, who survived the hit-and-run, told KCCI that she doesn't remember the impact, "I just remember the car coming at me." Miranda was hospitalized for several days with a concussion and other injuries, but is expected to make a full recovery.

In an interview, local Chief of Police Michael Venema confirmed, and condemned, the intentional, racially-motivated nature of the attack:

"I want to say, in the strongest terms possible, that there is no place in our community—or any other—for this type of hatred and violence. We are committed to stand by and support this family and work diligently with them to seek justice.”


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