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New Study: Hollywood Racially Excludes Latinx Actors

Culture & Community By E. Osuna778 views
New Study: Hollywood Racially Excludes Latinx Actors

The Latinx population makes up 20% of the movie-going audience and 18% of the U.S. population.

Hispanics also pay to see more movies than any other ethnic group, yet a major study just released by USC reveals that Latinx actors only get 4.5% of all speaking roles put out by Hollywood.

Worse yet, when Latinx actors do get a speaking role they portray a criminal, a maid, a janitor or a sex object for example.

25% of all Latinx speaking characters across movies in the 12-year study were depicted as criminals and 17% were portrayed as poor. 54% of the all Latinx characters depicted with a job were given occupations that lack a college education.

Even Donald Trump, who many call a racist himself was recently quoted to reflect the study’s sentiment!

Hollywood has long had an issue with racism but this study confirms what many already know. 

Excerpt Variety:

In a statement, the study’s author Dr. Stacy L. Smith says that Hollywood’s failure to create more stories that feature Latinx characters is dangerous.

She points to rising prejudice against the Latinx community as a sign that movies need to offer a more positive portrait.

“At a time where Latinos in our country are facing intense concerns over their safety, we urgently need to see the Latino community authentically and accurately represented throughout entertainment,” Smith said.

The study includes a list of suggested steps that studios can undertake to improve representation. These include urging talent agencies to recruit more Latino talent, pushing studios to consider more Latinx directors for jobs, and calling on film festivals to create initiatives that support Latinx filmmakers.


By E. Osuna