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11yo Ruben Martinez Starts #ElPasoChallenge To Honor Shooting Victims

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11yo Ruben Martinez Starts #ElPasoChallenge To Honor Shooting Victims

Reuben Martinez challenges people to do 20 "random acts of kindness," one for each of the lives lost in the El Paso shooting.

Reuben Martinez III was devastated by the shooting in his hometown of El Paso, Texas, which took the lives of 20 people.

The anxious 11-year-old was having trouble coping with the tragedy, and even asked his mom, Rose, if they could have their groceries delivered rather than have to go out shopping.

So, Rose asked her son, "Why don't you go think of something that you can do to show everybody that El Paso's good?" And the #ElPasoChallenge was born.

 Reuben challenges El Pasoans to do 20 "random acts of kindness," in honor of the 20 lives lost in the shooting.

Some examples he wrote out:

"Mow someone’s lawn, visit a nursing home, pay for someone’s lunch or dinner, donate to families in need, write someone a letter and tell them how great they are, hold the door for everyone, comfort someone when they are sad or stressed, take flowers to someone in the hospital, leave a dollar on the vending machine for the next person, and any other random act of kindness."

Reuben's first good deed was to take food to the first responders.

El Pasoans were quick to take up the challenge, which has now spread across the country.







"He has such a beautiful heart," says Reuben's dad, Reuben Jr. "I'm so proud of him."

This is the type of energy we need in our nation right now, to counteract the hate and heal the wounds.

Don't stop at 20, raza. Let's make this #ElPasoChallenge our new way of life.