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El Paso Shooter Kills 18: "This Attack Is A Response To Hispanic Invasion Of Texas"

Culture & Community By O. Delgado
El Paso Shooter Kills 18: "This Attack Is A Response To Hispanic Invasion Of Texas"

"This is just the beginning," he writes.

The shooter wrote a manifesto specifying his reasons for the attack, blaming Hispanic "invaders" and writing that his "dream job" no longer exists.

Eighteen have been killed and dozens wounded at a shopping center in El Paso, Texas. Victims range in age 2 to 82. Of those hospitalized, one has died and nine remain in critical condition.

Note: Many in the media, law enforcement, and general public prefer mass murderers not be identified, arguing that they committed their attacks to garner media attention and we shouldn't give it to them. I argue that we must call attention to the identities and motives of these shooters because there are too many people in our country, including our own leaders, who continue to deny the growing danger of white supremacy and home-grown terrorism. 

The shooter has been identified as Patrick Crusius, a 21-year-old white male who left behind an anti-immigrant manifesto in which he states his support for the Christchurch shooter and writes that his attack "is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas."

"This attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas. They are the instigators, not me. I am simply defending my country from cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by an invasion."

He goes on to use the extermination of Native Americans as a justification for his actions, reasoning that if white people don't take the "invasion" of immigrants, specifically Latinos, seriously, they will end up just like the Native Americans they themselves massacred and maginalized.

Under a heading titled "Personal Reasons" for the mass murder, Crusius writes that the future he has spent his life preparing for and the "job of his dreams" no longer exist, which he seems to link to "Hispanic invaders," citing "all the problems these invaders cause and will cause."

He writes that "Hispanics will take over the local and state government of my beloved Texas," but that his attack, and the past and future attacks of other "patriotic Americans," will "remove the threat" of the "Hispanic voting bloc."

Crusius goes on to talk about his "Gear," an AK47, and why he chose it, as well as why he is against "race mixing," believing that it destroys genetic diversity (interracial marriage actually increases genetic diversity, which is important for the survival of the species).

He also cites environmental and economic reasons, blaming big business and corrupt politics. But his main focus throughout is the "Hispanic invasion," which he believes will "destroy our country from within." He encourages others to take action against the "invaders" by targeting "low-hanging fruit," i.e. civilians. 

In his final paragraph he writes:

"This is just the beginning of the fight for America and Europe. I am honored to head the fight to reclaim my country from destruction."

This isn't the beginning. This is the 249th mass shooting of 2019.

These attacks aren't random. We must identify the murderers and their motives in order to acknowledge the growing threat of white supremacy and home-grown terrorism.

Our hearts go out to the families of those killed today, at Gilroy, and in tragedies throughout the country. We owe it to them to do something about it.


Reporting by Olivia Cristina Delgado
IG: @oliviacristinadelgado
Twitter: @olivdelgadodice


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