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WATCH: "This Sketch Goes Out To The People Who Hate Immigrants But Have Never Actually Met One"

Entertainment By A. RUIZ
WATCH: "This Sketch Goes Out To The People Who Hate Immigrants But Have Never Actually Met One"

"The Truth About Border Crossers"

ALTERNATINO Arturo Caruso's new video reveals the "sinister truth" about border crossers. (Spoiler: All of us immigrants do belong to MS-13 and we are conspiring together to commit massive voter fraud.)

Not really, but people believe that sh*t.

You know who we're talking about. The people who simultaneously believe that immigrants are all lazy criminals living off welfare, but also stealing all the jobs and using affirmative action to take college degrees from deserving white kids.  

Yeah, esos culeros.

Well, genius Arturo Caruso of Comedy Central's "Alternatino" has created a video sketch where all the xenophobes' worst fears are realized.

...and shown to be totally f-ing ridiculous. 

The video, dedicated "to people who hate immigrants but have never actually met one," follows a truckload of immigrants trying to cross the border.

The group soon discovers "a dangerous element traveling among them," a menacing Danny Trejo-type with a bandolero and machete who is planning to commit "massive voter fraud" with 3 million of his "amigos." After that, he plans to take all the "farm jobs and then the factory jobs," before getting a graduate degree and proceeding to take all the "lawyer jobs, and the doctor jobs." Then, he's going to be "too lazy to work," and go around the country committing all sorts of crimes with his gang, the "MS-15." ("Way more dangerous" than MS-13.)

I laughed out loud. Then I watched it again and laughed harder. So good.

Except, people actually believe this about immigrants.

If they had ever met an immigrant, they'd recognize how brave, humble, hardworking, and self-sacrificing they are. But life is so much easier when you blame all your problems on brown-skinned people from south of the border.

Keep rocking the truth and making us laugh Arturo. And raza, keep working hard and showing the world who we really are.

You can watch ALTERNATINO on Comedy Central, Tuesdays at 10:30pm ET.