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Yalitza Aparicio Will Be The Spokesperson For The "Zero Violence Against Women" Campaign

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Yalitza Aparicio Will Be The Spokesperson For The "Zero Violence Against Women" Campaign

The Oscar-nominated actress will be the face and voice of the Guanajuato-born campaign "Cero Violencia Contra la Mujer."

GIFF, the Guanajuato International Film Festival, has announced the launch of "Cero Violencia Contra la Mujer," a campaign in collaboration with Guanajuato’s Secretary of State Health to create awareness and reduce violence against women - and Yalitza Aparicio has joined the campaign as its spokesperson, reports Latino Rebels.

Violence against women is a worldwide issue, especially across Mexico and Latin America, where violence against women has been growing steadily.

"As a woman, she is interested in speaking out about this," says Sarah Hoch, the festival's director. "She is a powerful voice, a presence in which we are all interested, and if she raises her voice and joins a project, more people listen. It is an issue that matters (to Yalitza) and she wants to start talking about it."

"She liked our proposal to provide a space and services," continued Hoch, referring to the festival's planned "Un Espacio Libre De Violencia", "A Space Free of Violence," where survivors can speak with psychologists and receive advice about their rights and the legal processes involved in denouncing a perpetrator, whether the violence occurred "yesterday, a year ago or seven years ago."

"A 'hashtag' is not enough," said Hoch, referring to the #YaEsHora movement which Yalitza and many other actresses supported with red bandanas at the Ariel Awards, Mexico's Oscars. A counterpart to the #TimesUp movement in the U.S., #YaEsHora stands against sexual harassment and for equal pay and more representation for women.   
Hoch explained that action and conviction was needed to put Mexico "on a path towards healing and helping men and women." 

GIFF has been hosting free screenings, workshops, and concerts in San Miguel de Allende since 1988.  This year, with Yalitza's help, they hope to spread their message even further.