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"The Winner Of The Night": Julián Castro Dominated The Democratic Presidential Debate

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"The Winner Of The Night": Julián Castro Dominated The Democratic Presidential Debate

"Me llamo Julián Castro y me estoy postulando para Presidente de Los Estados Unidos."

"The very fact that I can say that tonight shows the progress that we have made in this country," began Julián Castro in his powerful closing statement.

"Like many of you, I know the promise of America," said Julián, a second-generation Mexican American.

"My grandmother came here when she was 7-years-old, as an immigrant from Mexico, and just two generations later, one of her grandsons is serving in the United States Congress and the other one is running for President of the United States."


If elected, Julián would be the nation's first-ever Latino President. And, judging by his break out showing last night, he's in it to win it.

Like Mexican American Heavyweight Champion of the World, Andy Ruiz, Julián was the underdog in the ring. And, like Andy, Julián didn't pull any punches.

"It was Castro that came out of nowhere," said Van Jones on CNN.

"Nobody was talking about Castro. He did the Texas takedown. Turned around, clocked Beto...You never saw it coming."

Julián brought it hard, schooling Beto on immigration and talking real policy when everybody else was caught up in rhetoric.

Laser-focused, articulate, and assertive, viewers and major news outlets alike agreed that Julián was the evening's standout.










He won the evening on Google as well, with a 2,400% surge in "Julian Castro" searches.



...and he wasn't shy about owning his victory.



Julián's admirers came in all different colors and backgrounds, but Latinos and Mexicanos were especially proud to see one of their own distinguishing himself on the national stage.




In one of his strongest moments, Julián, a border state native and former Mayor of San Antonio, challenged every candidate to support the repeal of Section 1325, the law that criminalizes migration and allows children to be separated from their families.



Julián is no stranger to the national stage, having served as Housing Secretary under President Obama, but, by his own admission, his campaign wasn't getting much attention. Seems like tonight, that has changed.



Guess there's just one thing left to say...



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