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What May Be The Only Existing Recording Of Frida Kahlo's Voice Has Been Made Public

Culture & Community By O. DELGADO
What May Be The Only Existing Recording Of Frida Kahlo's Voice Has Been Made Public

There are no known recordings of Frida's voice...until now.

Although many silent black and white films feature Frida's unibrow and signature Tehuana style, recognizable around the world, there are no known audio recordings of the iconic mexicana's voice, reports AFP.  "Frida's voice has always been a great enigma, a never-ending search," said the head of Mexico's national audio archives, Pavel Granados.

Now, though, Mexico's National Sound Library has unearthed and made public a recording discovered in the archives of late radio personality Alvaro "The Bachelor" Galvez y Fuentes that is thought to be the voice of Frida reading an essay entitled "Portrait of Diego" (Retrato de Diego).

"He is a gigantic, immense child, with a friendly face and a sad gaze," says a resonant female voice in Spanish, describing Frida's husband, famous muralist Diego Rivera.  

"His high, dark, extremely intelligent and big eyes rarely hold still," the voice continues, reading the essay Frida wrote about Diego to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his career. "They almost come out of their sockets because of their swollen and protuberant eyelids -- like a toad's. They allow his gaze to take in a much wider visual field, as if they were built especially for a painter of large spaces and crowds."

According to AFP, experts are working to confirm that the voice does indeed belong to "one of the most iconic cultural personalities there is."