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BREAKING: Avocados Are NOT Vegan

Food & Drink By A. RUIZ2103 views
BREAKING: Avocados Are NOT Vegan

Diehards consider avocados not vegan because they are produced by migrant laborer bees, reports Washington Post.

We know that vegans don't eat or use products made from animals, like chorizo and leather, but did you know they also swear off products made by animals?

No, not like shoes made by monkeys in a sweatshop, but foods like milk and cheese, since the production of these often entails as much animal cruelty as hypothetical simian sweatshops.

Some vegans even include honey, because it's produced via the factory-farming and mistreatment of bees - and, as it turns out, so are avocados.

Farmers actually truck hives of bees from field to field like miniature migrant laborers because there aren't enough bees to naturally pollinate all the fruits and vegetables we plant and harvest every season to feed our ever-growing population.

This may not seem so bad, since every new crop is also a food source for the bees.  However, when the bees aren't pollinating a new crop, they're trapped and starving on the back of a truck, unable to forage for food or even defecate (poop).

Some vegans consider this animal cruelty and consider foods produced this way, like avocados, not vegan-friendly.

But it isn't just avocados; apples, plums, cherries, alfalfa, blueberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumbers, pumpkin, lettuces, squash and tangerines are all produced via migratory beekeeping. So, good luck with that. 

Perhaps more importantly, all produce is harvested by human migrant farm laborers, whose working conditions can't always be described as "cruelty-free."

Ultimately, vegan or not, we shouldn't take our food for granted.