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This Spot Serves Concha Breakfast Sandwiches

Food & Drink By O. DELGADO
This Spot Serves Concha Breakfast Sandwiches

Their powers combined...

Se te antoja una concha?  How about a breakfast sandwich?  What if I told you you can have both - AT THE SAME TIME.

It may be blowing your mind, but it's actually not some new hipster concept: in different parts of Mexico like Veracruz or D.F., conchas are served with refried beans, queso, crema and even chilaquiles.

Lola's in Long Beach, CA combines the sweet, flakiness of a concha with the savory flavors of a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. 

Served with papas, it's the breakfast team-up you never knew you always wanted.

Check out some before and after pictures...

Not knocking this concha breakfast sandwich fan, but my plate would be CLEAN. 

Lola's Mexican Cuisine serves these babies for brunch at their two Long Beach locations. Check out their website HERE.

Not in Long Beach or LA?  No worries, fortunately, this bomb combo is easy to make on your own.

Buy some conchas, cut them in half, and customize the fillings.  My preference is huevos con papas y chorizo with queso fresco, aguacate, and a little salsa verde.

Check out this masterpiece...

Inspired?  I'm already headed to the panaderia...