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Mexican Scientist Develops Disease-Fighting Ice Cream

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Mexican Scientist Develops Disease-Fighting Ice Cream

Led by professor Gabriela Ramos Clamont Montfort, a team of researchers at CIAD, Mexico's Center For Reseach in Nutrition and Development, have developed a disease-fighting ice cream that actually makes you healthier.

Laboratory tests have proven the prebiotic dessert's ability to fight the gastrointestinal disease colitis by repopulating the healthy bacteria in your gut. 

Those bacteria are essential not only for gastrointestinal health, but for overall health, since they protect you from disease and determine your appetite, allergies, metabolism, and even your mood and neurological function.

Plus, the ice cream also improves calcium absorption, meaning stronger bones for longer.

Saludatto is still in trials, so no word yet on when it will hit freezers at your local grocery store.