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Before She Was "La Bruja del 71," She Was A Guerrillera, Fighting Fascism During WWII

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Before She Was "La Bruja del 71," She Was A Guerrillera, Fighting Fascism During WWII

As a young woman, María de los Ángeles Fernández Abad, who for decades played Doña Clotilde on El Chavo del Ocho, was a guerillera, fighting against the murderous regime of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco Bahamonde.

Franco rose to power after the Spanish Civil War.  He supported Nazi Germany in World War II and, during his regime, had over 400,000 political opponents killed through executions and concentration camps.  María de los Ángeles "Angelines" Fernández Abad, "la bruja del 71," easily could have been one of them.

Angelines was part of the anti-Franco resistance, putting her life on the line to resist his repressive dictatorship.

After World War II, her anti-Franco sentiments made it too dangerous for her to continue living in Spain and the 25-year-old Angelines fled to Mexico, the country she would call home for the better part of 50 years.

Though she earned her worldwide fame as elderly Doña Clotilde, Angelines was a film star during Mexico's Golden Age of Cinema.

It was actually Don Ramón, or rather, actor Ramón Valdés who not only helped Angelines get her start in Mexican cinema after escaping from Spain, but also got her the part of Doña Clotilde on El Chavo del Ocho.


Angelines acted in many novelas throughout the 60's, finally leaving the soap opera world in '74 to focus on her work with Chespirito.

The former-revolutionary-turned-actress continued to play "La Bruja" until 1992.  She passed away just two years later, of lung cancer.

May Angelines Fernández be remembered not only for her beloved performance as "La Bruja del 71," but for her bravery in the face of a fascist dictatorship.