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Aventura Drops First New Song In 10 Years: "Inmortal" - WATCH VIDEO HERE

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Aventura Drops First New Song In 10 Years: "Inmortal" - WATCH VIDEO HERE

The bachata group broke up in 2011; now they're back with first new song in a decade - "Inmortal." Check out the video below...

Romeo Santos teased new Aventura single on his IG account on April 1st - then claimed it was an April Fool's prank - then revealed that the real prank was that Aventura was actually releasing a new song.  And it's finally here.

As the name suggests, "Inmortal" is about an immortal love.  Romeo singing about the strength of his love, which can't be destroyed or erased from his mind.

Nadie entiende cómo este amor funciona
No se quiebra, no se dobla, nada lo destroza
Les presto mi cerebro que examine
Anularte de mi mente, ni quemando mis neuronas

The chorus vows that his love is infinite, and solid, like a meteorite:

Yo te amo hasta el infinito
Sólido como un meteorito

The video seems to take it's inspiration from the meteorite analogy, evoking a Superman comparison, with Romeo being discovered in a smoking hole by a beautiful woman, seeming to have fallen from the sky. 

The woman takes him in, nurses him, and they fall in love, but then the police arrive to take custody of the extraterrestrial.  Romeo is stripped naked and subjected to all sorts of examinations as he sings about submitting his brain for examination while the other Aventura Santoses jam out around him:

Vengan háganme un estudio cerebral
Porque mi conducta no es normal
Y este corazón Dios lo hizo eterno
Sepan que este sentimiento es inmortal

His beloved looks on in horror and begs for his release.  Will they ever be reunited...?

The song is available to stream and download on Santos' new album Utopia.