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This is how Omar Chaparro looks as Pedro Infante in Netflix's new movie...

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This is how Omar Chaparro looks as Pedro Infante in Netflix's new movie...

Netflix releases first photo of Omar Chaparro as Pedro Infante in new film Como caído del cielo

Many have doubted whether Chaparro was the right choice to play "El Idolo de México."  New photo proves he can at least look the part.

[Scroll down for photo]

Netflix announced the film and Omar's casting in early February.

According to Netflix: "The film is a beautiful tribute to the iconic Mexican performer, Pedro Infante, and will include some of his greatest musical hits."

The official synopsis reads:

"In Como caído del cielo, Pedro Infante (Omar Chaparro), has been detained in limbo for the last 60 years. He doesn't have permission to go to heaven because he was a womanizer, but he can not be sent to hell because he has also done a lot of good.

Pedro Infante pleads for a second chance and is granted only one: he will be sent to Earth in the body of an impersonator, Pedro Guadalupe Ramos (Omar Chaparro) and if he manages to straighten out his life, he will be allowed to go to heaven."

Of course, Pedro immediately falls in love with the impersonator's wife, Rachel  Which seems like it would be fine, since he is in the impersonator's body.  But, it turns out the impersonator, like Infante himself, was a womanizer and cheating on his wife with his cousin Samantha. 

Pedro Infante will have to prove he is a new man, literally, to win back Rachel's love...and avoid going "straight to hell."  

Today, Netflix released the first publicity photos of Omar as Pedro:

Here's a side by side:

Considering Omar's career doing parodies, it's no wonder he was cast to play a Pedro Infante impersonator.  Whether he can play Pedro Infante the man remains to be seen...