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NEW Graphics Show How Fox & Friends Breaks Down All The "Mexican Countries"

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NEW Graphics Show How Fox & Friends Breaks Down All The "Mexican Countries"

There's "Soccer Mexico," "Cocaine Mexico," "Communist Mexico"...

The Fox & Friends graphic describing Central American countries El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras as "3 MEXICAN COUNTRIES" is now infamous.

Although co-host Ed Henry eventually apologized for the error later in the show, Fox & Friends has been ridiculed across social media.

Even El Salvador's President-Elect joined in the trolling... 

And now, new graphics have emerged, showing in detail exactly how Fox & Friends (and their viewers) break down all the "Mexican countries" south of the border...

Brazil is labeled "Soccer Mexico," Cuba is "Communist Mexico," Colombia: "Cocaine Mexico," Venezuela: "Oil Mexico," all of Central America is just "Southern Mexico," and Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic are part of the "Mexican Archipelago."

This other graphic even provides a handy flag guide:

Here's a global map "according to Trump and Fox":

Now, obvs these graphics were created by people trolling Fox - but they may not be far removed from how the news network and its viewers actually think about Latinos and Latin America.

As users pointed out:

Although, to be fair, I hadn't really looked at a map of Latin America myself since elementary school.  I really know my Mexican countries now!  Thanks Fox & Friends.