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'El Sol de México' Luis Miguel Almost Dies Of Drug Overdose

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'El Sol de México' Luis Miguel Almost Dies Of Drug Overdose

'El Sol de México' almost dies after a drug- and alcohol-fueled night of debauchery in Argentina

Involucrados reports that Luis Miguel was partying at a hotel called Faena in Buenos Aires when the evening took a dangerous turn.

According to sources, the Puerto Rican-born Mexican singer has been performing throughout Argentina as part of his 2019 tour ¡MÉXICO Por Siempre!...and living it up after each show, with girls, drugs, and alcohol provided by a man identified only as Jorge.

This past weekend, Miguel was partying hard in his hotel room at Faena in Buenos Aires when he began experiencing heart palpitations and having trouble breathing.  As he began to lose consciousness, his companions put him in the room's jacuzzi tub to revive him, flooding the room with water.

Hotel staff was in "terror", fearing the worst.

Fortunately, Miguel survived but had to be removed from the country to stabilize his health.

Miguel had been accompanied on tour by his girlfriend, Mollie Gould.  But, after a nasty fight, Mollie was seen "escaping" with Argentinian business tycoon Matías Tasín, a circumstance which may have fueled Miguel's bender.

No word yet on his recovery and whether or not he will be able to continue the tour.



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