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Man Breaks Into Women's Apartment, Makes Tortillas

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Man Breaks Into Women's Apartment, Makes Tortillas

An Arizona man faces criminal charges after breaking into a woman's house and making tortillas.

No word yet on whether they were flour or corn.

Jerry Christopher Drane has been arrested and faces felony criminal trespassing charges after entering an apartment while the residents slept and cooking tortillas, Fox reports.

One of the two residents said she was in her bedroom when she smelled burning. She went to the kitchen and found a man standing there, cooking tortillas on the top of the electric stove.

She alerted her roommate, Alex Herron, and the two women yelled at Drane until he left.

"I said to the man that you can take the food, whatever food you're making, can you please leave," said Herron.

Drane complied, taking his tortillas and a can of clam chowder with him, which he ate on the balcony in front of the apartment.

Herron said, "He seemed pretty drunk the way he was walking. A little bit wobbly."

The judge at Drane's court appearance remarked: "Frankly, sir, I can still smell alcohol on you right now."

Drane says he doesn't remember what happened.  When police asked him why he was there and who he was trying to see, he refused to answer, saying he didn't want anyone to "catch flak for this."

We can only assume this is some kind of illegal ring of tortilla vigilantes.