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Adios Spam Calls

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Adios Spam Calls

Excerpt Business Inside: 

According to research from the communications security firm First Orion, as recently as 2017, just 3.7% of all cellphone calls placed were automated "spam" calls, but by 2018, spam calls represented 29.2% of all calls. In 2019, nearly half of all cellphone calls will be scams, unless the telecom industry adopts measures to curb the trend, according to First Orion.

Robocalls are so ubiquitous in part because they're cheap for spammers to operate. To the average iPhone user inundated by spam calls, these calls may seem unavoidable, but the good news is that they aren't.

While you can't completely inoculate yourself from robocalls, there are a number of steps you can take to minimize the number of annoying spam calls that arrive on your iPhone.

Put your number on the Do Not Call Registry

do not call registry
Add yourself to the National Do Not Call Registry to stop getting spam calls from reputable marketers.
 Dave Johnson/Business Insider

Let an app screen your calls

robocall 2
Anti-robocall apps, like AT&T's Call Protect (pictured), will block known spam callers and try to flag suspected robocalls as "suspicious," dramatically reducing the number of marketing calls you answer.
 Dave Johnson/Business Insider

Block specific phone numbers on your iPhone

robocall 3
You can block all future calls from known spam calls by blocking individual numbers.
Dave Johnson/Business Insider

Rely on iPhone's 'Do Not Disturb' feature

Here's how to configure Do Not Disturb to help you avoid robocalls:

1. Tap the Settings icon and then tap "Do Not Disturb."

2. Tap "Do Not Disturb" to turn on the feature.

3. Tap "Allow Calls From" and choose "All Contacts." Of course, if you prefer, you can narrow the range of callers who can get through to you — you can select "Favorites" instead, for example.

robocall 4
Put "Do Not Disturb" to work full time by allowing only calls from your contacts to ring through; everything else can go to voicemail.
 Dave Johnson/Business Insider

4. Tap "Back" and close the Settings app.

It's important to remember that you'll need to leave Do Not Disturb turned on all the time in order to screen your robocalls, and you'll want to check your missed calls more frequently because any calls from people who aren't in your contacts will go straight to voicemail.