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How Drs. Get To Rural Areas In México, Thanks To Help In Winters, CA

Culture & Community By Emma Johnson234 views
How Drs. Get To Rural Areas In México, Thanks To Help In Winters, CA

Excerpt Winters Express: 

There are few times when a purpose of a raffle ticket can support a business in Winters and an orphanage in Mexico, and Youth Day 2019 will be one of them. Winters resident Fernando Gutierrez will be hosting a raffle to raise money for LIGA International and raise awareness of local businesses.

Founded in 1934, LIGA is a charity organization that brings doctors to parts of rural Mexico where medical care is often inaccessible. Doctors provide free medical care for impoverished children and adults at weekend long clinics.

This year, Gutierrez wanted to find a way to fundraise for the orphanage while supporting Winters. A life-long Winters resident, Gutierrez says that he cares about promoting local businesses. He wants people to be aware of all the local options they can turn to before leaving town or ordering from Amazon. Spending at local restaurants and businesses cycles the money through the town, Gutierrez says.

The raffle will be held at the City park on Youth Day, Saturday, April 27.