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Single Parent Of Two Girls Wins Lottery, Now Ex Wife Wants Him Back

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Single Parent Of Two Girls Wins Lottery, Now Ex Wife Wants Him Back

Devastated when his wife left him, he had no idea his fortunes were about to change drastically for the better...

Joni Jiménez spent years suffering through a marriage plagued with infidelity, El Diario reports.

One day, his cheating wife finally decided to leave not just him, but their two daughters, Lucia and Yasmina. 

But Joni didn't let his heartbreak break him; he had to keep going, keep working, for the sake of his daughters.

That same year, he worked extra hard to give each of his girls something special for Christmas. 

He bought himself a present as well, a lotto ticket worth $22...which would wind up being worth a lot more.

That $22 was the best investment Joni ever made; it was the winning ticket for the biggest lottery in all of Spain, El Niño.  He and his daughters would never have to worry about money again.  

When Joni went to collect his reward, he confessed to the press that his ex-wife, who had failed to stand by him for worse, wanted to get back with him for better.  She asked him to forgive her and give her a second chance.

Guess what Joni responded?