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These Are The Actresses Who Plotted Against Yalitza Aparicio

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These Are The Actresses Who Plotted Against Yalitza Aparicio

Karla Souza, Martha Higareda, Ana Claudia Talancón, and Giovanna Zacarías have been named by a source.

They have denied any involvement.

According to TV y Notas, the whole plot was instigated by Giovanna Zacarías, "an actress who has worked on some movies, but hasn't had a brilliant career." Zacarías' most notable credit is perhaps a small role in the 2005 movie The Legend of Zorro.

Souza is known for ABC's How To Get Away With Murder and Instructions Not Included w/Eugenio Derbez, while Higareda was on Netflix's Altered Carbon and Queen of the South and starred opposite Omar Chaparro in No Manches Frida. Ana Claudia Talancón is best known for her role in El Crimen de Padre Amaro, though she has since worked on many TV dramas.

A source reported that the chat group began when Roma started to gain recognition.  At first, the chat praised the film, but it eventually devolved into trash talking.

According to the source, although there were some in the chat who defended Yalitza, others couldn't stand that some "cualquiera" was "stealing the spotlight."

The source reports that Giovanna was the main instigator, and that her attacks increased after Roma's Golden Globe win, with her saying that Yalitza was only good in the role of servant because she comes from such a low social class.

When Yalitza received her Oscar nomination, the source says Giovanna proposed demanding that the Mexican Film Academy exclude Yalitza from the Ariel Awards.  Many left the group after this, but not all.

The actresses named by the source were quick to do damage control, posting messages to social media denying their involvement, praising Roma and professing nothing but support for Yalitza, domestic workers, fellow actors, and "all people," as Higareda said in a very awkward interview on the Oscars red carpet.

Yalitza's rise to fame has brought to light a lot of ugliness, people envious of her success, criticizing her for her dark skin, indigenous roots, and "low class".  Yalitza has reacted to both her success and her critics with dignity and humility, an example of real class. 

Yalitza may not have won the Oscar, she may not win an Ariel or even be nominated, but, compared to the envidiosas, she's already a winner.


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