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New, Encrypted Ancestry DNA Service Specifically For Latinos By Latinos

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New, Encrypted Ancestry DNA Service Specifically For Latinos By Latinos

Are you Nahua? Maya? Zapotec?

Latino-founded company Genobank.io provides specific ancestry results for Latinos, while keeping our DNA private.

Founder Daniel Uribe was inspired to create this Latino ancestry database by his 4-year-old son, who has a very rare genetic mutation, a blood disease with no known treatment. 

Daniel Uribe, Stanford University, MBA, IT & Cybersecurity

Daniel wanted to share his son's DNA to help find a cure, but he was concerned about protecting his son's genetic information.  Companies that analyze people's DNA also sell it to the highest bidder: insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies.

So Daniel, a Stanford-educated Cybersecurity expert, founded Genobank.io, a service which empowers Latinos to "own, control and protect their DNA data with military-grade encryption."  

He and his Latino co-founders are advised by professors from Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Mexico.

A secure app called "DNA Wallet" lets you share, donate, inherit or even sell your data, but only if and when you choose. 

But the best part is that the DNA bank will be able to provide more specific genetic results for Latinos and enable scientists to design medicine specifically for Latinos, to help treat diseases that are more prevalent in our community, like diabetes and breast cancer.

There are 826 indigenous peoples in Latin America - Nahua, Maya, Zapotec, Mixtec, Purépecha, Tarahumara, Mapuche, Orejón...not just "Southern Mexico" or "Central America" like other services report.

Find out what blood runs in your veins. 


Get your Ancestry report FREE and secure.  Sign up and help make this service a reality.  (Spaces are limited, but a waitlist will be available for next batch.)