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Controversial "Pablo Escoburgers" Serves Burgers Topped w/"Cocaine"

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Controversial "Pablo Escoburgers" Serves Burgers Topped w/"Cocaine"

Pop-up "Pablo Escoburgers" serves burgers topped with a line of "cocaine" and garnished with a hundred dollar bill

Pablo Escoburgers' signature burger, The Patron, features a double patty, candied bacon, and "cartel secret sauce" on a bun topped with "cocaine" and garnished with a rolled up hundred dollar bill (calmados, it's fake).

But I wouldn't recommend snorting the "cocaine" - it's garlic powder.



Apparently Australians have been streaming a lot of Narcos, because the popular Melbourne pop-up is the third burger spot in the country to add an Escobar-themed burger to their menu, though it's the first to theme the whole establishment after the infamous Colombian druglord.  



But the burger joint has received some backlash, especially from Colombians themselves.



In response, Pablo Escoburgers doubled down on the name, maintaining that it's just a funny play-on-words and calling their critics "haters" who can't appreciate the joke.

A recent post on their Facebook profile reads:

"Lovers love our burgers and haters are always going to hate! Not all Colombians are going to love our name but they all love our burgers."

What do you think?