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Hate Group Founder Says Liking Female Butts Is "Gateway To Homosexuality"

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Hate Group Founder Says Liking Female Butts Is "Gateway To Homosexuality"

"Female butt obsession is a gateway to homosexuality."

“I officially declare myself a boob man," said Roosh V, founder of anti-gay hate group Return of Kings, in a video he posted to Twitter. “I am now all about the boobs, because being a butt man is just a gateway to homosexual activity.”

Roosh, whose real name is Daryush Valizadeh, goes on, at length, about the danger of liking women's butts because, apparently, it leads to "gross" anal sex...

“I say no to the back hole. I’ve never done anal sex in my life, I swear. I’ve never done it.

A couple of girls have gently enquired if I wanted to. I said: ‘No way.’ I know what comes out of that hole, that back hole, ’cause I got a back hole too.

It’s gross. There’s doo-doo there. What, did you use a plunger or whatever, a scrubber to get all the fecal matter there? You didn’t do that, so why am I gonna put my penis in there?

I’m not stupid. I shower every day, I’m clean. Why would I put my penis in a butt? That’s crazy. Well, if I was watching anal sex porn all day, maybe I would do it. But I don’t.”


The anal-obsessed misogynist, who campaigned for rape to be legalized on private property, was met with ridicule:





With many, many comments about his use of the word "benis" instead of "penis"...



And lots of users concluding that it seems Roosh is protesting a little too much...





I'd have to agree.