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YouTuber "Taylor $" Mocks Mexican Workers On Social Media - And Gets Owned

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YouTuber "Taylor $" Mocks Mexican Workers On Social Media - And Gets Owned

Spoiled rich kid Taylor "Money" Goldblatt spent his days mocking "peasants" on his various social media channels. Not anymore.

Straight from his YouTube channel description:

Hello there. My name is Taylor. I'm a rich kid, spendthrift and money is my middle name. I spend the majority of my time living a lux life of opulence in Beverly Hills, CA. I am a blogger and social media creative, with an avid love for menswear and all things fine luxury.

His videos all showcase him and his friends wandering around making fun of "poor people" and generally being assholes. In one video, he even said he was glad that the Twin Towers had been destroyed, because the new buildings were so much more beautiful.

Yep, he literally said that.

So it probably shouldn't come as a shock that the probable sociopath took to Snapchat to mock the workers he'd hired to install a giant neon sign saying "Taylor F*cking $" in his bedroom. 

(If the pics don't load, open in your phone's browser.)

"I forgot which one is Juan and which is Jose cuz they both look alike *laughing emoji* now I just wanna know if they climbed over the wall or dug beneath but regardless I could buy their existence 80 times over so I'm glad to have cheap labor *sombrero emoji*"

"Vamonos big peasants...pick up the pace or I'll tell Mr Trump to and have y'all deported."

Taylor $ even claimed he had "security armed and ready" for the "flat out losers" if they stole anything.

The internet was not having it.

After Taylor's Snaps and messages were revealed by a "friend" of his, the YouTuber received so much backlash he had to shut down his Twitter and Instagram.  







But that wasn't the only good thing to come out of this nasty situation.  User @beluga99 tweeted in response:

"The man in purple is my step dad and his name is Jose and he's a hard working man and currently running his own business. It just sucks that there's such evil people in the world."

The tweet was liked and reshared thousands of times, and love continues to pour into her Twitter feed. 




Respect to Jose and his family and coworkers, may they thrive while Goldblatt is rejected and forgotten.


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