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Is Trump A Time Traveler?

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Is Trump A Time Traveler?

Little Baron Trump and the Last President

A series of books written in the 1800s makes eerily specific references to Trump's family, his rise to power, and the fall of America

Written 126 years ago, American author Ingersoll Lockwood's first two novels follow the adventures of Wilhelm Heinrich Sebastian Von Troomp, or Little Baron Trump as he's called, a kid from an uber-wealthy family who lives in "Trump Castle" on 5th Avenue in New York City...just like Donald Trump's actual son, Barron Trump, who lives in Trump Tower on 5th Avenue.

But it gets better.

In Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey, Little Baron Trump goes to - wait for it - Russia, with, of course, help from his mentor the "Don."



Lockwood's next novel 1900: Or The Last President is a dystopian political drama about (not making this up) an unpopular outsider candidate who wins the presidency

In the book, his election is met with outrage and rioting crowds (ahem, protestors).  Lockwood writes: "The Fifth Avenue Hotel will be the first to feel the fury of the mob."  Again, Trump Tower is located on 5th Avenue.

Let's hope Lockwood didn't have some prophetic vision of the future, because The Last President ends with the collapse of the republic.

Did Lockwood have some kind of prescience?  Or, as many conspiracy theorists claim: Is Trump actually a time traveler?

Yes, people actually believe that Trump traveled back in time using technology his uncle stole from Nikola Tesla.  (Trump's uncle actually did investigate Tesla's work for the government's Office of Alien Property - again, not making this up - after the inventor died.)

Whether or not Lockwood had prophetic dreams or Trump traveled through time in a Tesla, the connections between the books and our current reality are too strange to be mere coincidence.