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Taco Trucks Show Up In The Rain To Feed Striking Teachers

Culture & Community By O. DELGADO
Taco Trucks Show Up In The Rain To Feed Striking Teachers

Tacos For Teachers

Despite the heavy rain, local taqueros turned up at picket lines to show solidarity and provide teachers with free tacos and burritos.  


Victor Fernandez, who organized the movement "Tacos for Teachers" says:

“It’s L.A. What else are you going to bring?  It’s tacos. Nobody hates tacos.”


And not just tacos.  According to the LA Times, Tirsa of Tirsa's Mexican Cafe showed up to her local school with cart full of conchas and cafecito for the picketers, who are striking for better wages, smaller class sizes (so students get the individual attention they need for success), more nurses and counselors (many schools don't have a single full-time nurse), and support for special and bilingual education.

Tomorrow, Tirsa and her cart of conchas y café will head over to Garfield High, where her mother has been a teacher 30 years.  Tirsa comes from a family of teachers:

"They're the real heroes," she says.

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