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M&M's Leaks New Flavor: Mexican Jalapeño Peanut

Food & Drink By O. DELGADO540 views
M&M's Leaks New Flavor: Mexican Jalapeño Peanut

M&M's plans to release new flavor in 2019: Mexican Jalapeño Peanut.

The flavor was leaked on IG and YouTube by snack vlogger Brent Timm at the end of last year.



The new M&M's flavor is in the best traditions of Mexican food, snacks, and candy.  Cacahuates enchilados are a super common and much-loved snack among Mexicans (and non-Mexicans alike), mole is basically chocolate con chile. and we like our candy like we like everything else - SPICY.  Pulparindo anybody?



Since the flavor will be one of three international flavors released in 2019, including English Toffee Peanut and Thai Coconut Peanut, it makes sense for the Mexican flavor to combine our love for spicy snacks, candy, and chocolate.



Although the flavors aren't available yet, and no word on when they're hitting stores, when they do, it seems like you can vote for your favorite flavor...  Órale raza - to the polls!