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Carmen Castillo: Housekeeper By Day, Councilwoman By Night

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Carmen Castillo: Housekeeper By Day, Councilwoman By Night

During the day, Carmen Castillo works as a hotel housekeeper; by night, she works to make her city a better place for working class people.

Dominican-born Carmen immigrated to the United States in 1994 with her three daughters. 

She has worked as a hotel housekeeper in Providence, Rhode Island for 24 years, during which she helped organize a union and advocate for workers rights.

Asked why she decided to run for City Council, Castillo simply says "I want to help."

And the people in her significantly Latino, working-class community trust her to help them. 

Based on her union leadership, activism, and door-to-door campaigning, the sitting Councilwoman has just been re-elected for her 3rd term in office.

A representative for Dominicanos USA told NBC that not only has Carmen demonstrated she "genuinely cares about issues facing Latinos," she is also a role model, showing that "it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from," you can make your voice heard.

Why hasn't Carmen quit her housekeeping job now that she's a Councilwoman?  Well, the position only pays $18K a year.  Plus, she's proud of her work, despite comments from haters calling her a “servant … who only knows how to vacuum.”

Castillo's response:

“People who make beds in hotels also have brains and can make decisions.”

Right on Carmen.





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