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Quinceañera Shares Emotional Waltz w/Photograph Of Father Who Passed Away

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Quinceañera Shares Emotional Waltz w/Photograph Of Father Who Passed Away

Quinceañera Daniela Zamarripa brought the entire hall to tears when she took the dance floor to waltz with a photograph of her late father.

Daniela's father Tereso was a construction worker who passed away four years ago after suffering a work-related accident.  Tereso's friends described him as "humble" and "kind-hearted."
It was Tereso's dream to share a special dance with his little girl at her quince.
"We always would talk about how we were gonna dance and never stop," Daniela wrote in an emotional Facebook post accompanying a picture of her visiting her father's grave before heading to the celebration.
Many tried to discourage Daniela from visiting Tereso's grave that day.  "They told me not to go see you because it would ruin my day," the Colorado teen writes. "They told me I would be too sad; they told me it wasnt right to go see you."
But Daniela would not be dissuaded; she knew how much the day had meant to her father, and she wanted to share it with him.

"I went to see you, papa.  I went because I knew this was a dream to you, because I wanted you to see me.  I miss you.

Spiritually, I know you're here apá.  I know you were watching me do my vals.  I know you were laughing at my surprise dance.  I know you shook your head at my clumsiness.  I know you were mad because I danced with boys.  

I know you were there when I danced with the picture. I imagined it was you. I love you."

In the last lines of her post, Daniela has some advice for all those of us: Don't take your loved ones for granted.
"For those who have their dads, please appreciate them.
Tell him you love him, give him a hug every day, a kiss, because you never know when it will be your last.
Te quiero mucho apá."

Your father was with you that day Daniela; he is with you every day.