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Brazilian Butt Lift Super Popular Thanks To IG, But Also Super Deadly

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Brazilian Butt Lift Super Popular Thanks To IG, But Also Super Deadly

Brazilian butt-lifts are the deadliest type of plastic surgery.

Instagram: where you don't necessarily need skills or talent to be famous, just a good body and a bikini. (And you don't even need the bikini tbh.)

Thanks to the rise of social media influencers, women everywhere are increasingly self-conscious about their bodies, and many are turning to surgery or black market procedures to get an "Instagram-worthy" body.


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The Brazilian Butt Lift is a procedure that lipos fat from other parts of your body, like your waist, back and thighs, and injects it back into your butt.

A BBL costs around $4,000, so many women choose less pricey options, like dangerous black-market butt injections which cost about $300. In one infamous case, a man injected a woman with CEMENT.  These injections can cause infections that will literally rot your body and ruin your health.

But even if you go to a real surgeon and not just some shady dude in a back room, the surgeon may not have the expertise to perform the procedure correctly.

An inexperienced surgeon eager to cash in on the butt-lift "craze" can leave you lumpy, uneven, or dead.  

BBLs leave you at a high risk for fat embolism, which is when fat gets into your veins and travels to your lungs, heart, or brain, where it can cause a stroke and kill you.



Girls and women don't understand that the bodies they are seeing on Instagram are heavily edited, and sometimes, not even real. 

Like, not just fake booties, but entirely DIGITAL. 


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These Instagram "models" are entirely computer generated. 


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So post your fire selfies, but never jeopardize your salud for followers or likes. 

You can't take selfies in a coffin.