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The Scariest Video Of 2018

Raccoon TV By A. Hernandez2461 views
The Scariest Video Of 2018

Nope, it's not a haunting, a creepy nun, or an evil clown... 

...it's a bunch of old white people voting. And it's scary af.

So? Why should we be terrified by a bunch of old white people voting?

White conservatives elected Trump.  If that doesn't scare the hell out of you, you're not paying attention. 

There's a new video every week with some racist old white lady attacking Latinos for speaking Spanish or shopping-while-brown - and you can bet that bitch votes.  Do you want our country in her hands?

Cuz when they vote and you don't, they make the decisions.  And trust me, we're not going to like them.


White people, especially older, conservative white people. are TWICE as likely to vote as Latinos.  TWICE. 

They're angry because minorities aren't staying minor; we're growing and we're succeeding. 

But if our country stays in the hands of white conservatives, that can change; it's already started.  Jailing refugees, ripping families apart, children in cages and camps.  Now they're taking passports away from citizens. 

I hear many of our own people calling these warnings "fear-mongering".  I guess they don't recognize how many people still support Trump, and how much animosity there is towards Latinos and people of color. 

Maybe they don't understand that the people who vote are the people who make the laws and shape the nation.