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Hire El Payaso From "It" To Deliver Donuts To Your Friends

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Hire El Payaso From "It" To Deliver Donuts To Your Friends

For all the malvados out there with a twisted sense of humor...

There's the usual Halloween stuff: haunted houses, theme parks, horror movies, tricko tri...but do you want to REALLY scare the **** out of your homies??

Hurts Donuts has your back.  During October, you can hire an evil clown to deliver a dozen of their donuts to someone you love...or hate.  Here's how it goes down:

Love your girlfriend?  Evil payaso delivery.

Raul didn't invite you to his taquiza?  Evil payaso delivery.

Brenda borrowed your MAC lipliner and never returned it?  Fuck Brenda, she doesn't deserve donuts.

Click HERE to see if you're lucky enough to live near a Hurts Donuts.

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Hurts Donut scary clown deliveries available the month of October! Who would you send a dozen to?!

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Unfortunately, you may not live near a Hurts.  So, what can you do?  

Obvio: order a scary clown mask, buy donuts, make sure someone is recording, and hope your primo doesn't call security when you show up at his work. 



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