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Drunk White Racists Fight Latino Fans In Bleachers After Cubs Game

Raccoon TV By A. Hernandez12010 views
Drunk White Racists Fight Latino Fans In Bleachers After Cubs Game

White racists at it again smh.

On Hispanic Heritage Night at Wrigley Field, a couple of angry, drunk white dudes started a fight with Latino fans in the bleachers.  The dudes were probably pissed that the Cubs lost to the Pirates 5 to 1 and extra pissed that it happened on a night celebrating the heritage of people they want deported because apparently we're all drug-dealing gang-bangers but also stealing their jobs (can't be both homie).  So they decided to take it out on some brown-skinned people in the stands.

Danny Rockett (who hosts a Cubs podcast called The Son Ranto Show) managed to record some of the altercation.  Unfortunately, he didn't get the inciting incident on video, but he did catch one of the white dudes yelling, "Beaner! Spic!!"  The intent is nasty, but the insults are lame af.  He sounds like he just watched West Side Story or something.  

Security comes to break up the fight and escort everybody out, but not before telling Rockett that he's not allowed to film on the premises, which is a total lie because people film during games all the time.

Look, we know not all white people are racists.  The majority are (hopefully) cool and minding their own business, but there sure do seem to be a lot of people that think like THIS GUY [<-- Click here. This is a real blog, no joke.]

Hey, not gonna deny that Latinos can be racist too.  We gotta take responsibility for that and shut it down.  The only way to fight racism is to keep superándonos - hustle, get educated, respect ourselves and those around us.  Keep on keeping on.  And VOTE, because we've gotta change these laws and get more Latinos in leadership.  Siempre pa delante.


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