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Taco Bell Voted Best 'Mexican restaurant' In The Country

A Que Risa By Arturo Hernandez
Taco Bell Voted Best 'Mexican restaurant' In The Country

According to the Harris Poll, a nationwide customer survey, Taco Bell was voted Americans' favorite "Mexican restaurant."

The Harris Poll surveys customers across the U.S. on more than 3,000 brands and ranks them according to popular vote across a variety of categories including Best Burger Restaurant (Five Guys), Best Coffee Shop (Krispy Kreme), Best Pizza (Blaze)...and Best Mexican Restaurant.

First of all, why is Harris even categorizing Taco Bell as a "Mexican restaurant"?  Pretending Taco Bell serves Mexican food is like comparing this guy...


...to Vicente Fernandez.


Second, I know most of the people who go to Taco Bell are high, but how high do you have to be to confuse this...




For this...


And THIRD - Why does Taco Bell's new storefront look like the ghost of Taco Bell???


But I'm going a little off topic.  En conclusion...que no mamen.