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Millennials Are More Willing To Give Up Sex Than Wifi

Relationships By Olivia Cristina2426 views
Millennials Are More Willing To Give Up Sex Than Wifi

According to a recent poll, millennials care more about wifi than sex.

A poll by iPass revealed that, for millennials, the internet is more difficult to give up than drugs, alcohol, and even SEX.

The poll found that 63% of millennials would find it impossible to give up WIFI, while only 58% of them reported the same about sex.

The difference is small, sure, but while it may not be scientifically significant, socially, it is super significant.

It seems that while your dependence on mobil devices and the internet INCREASES, there is a corresponding DECREASE in your sex life.

In fact, studies have confirmed that people born between 1980 and 2000 have fewer sexual partners than baby boomers or Gen X'rs.

So maybe tonight, put down your phone and really focus on your partner...that is, after you've used your phone to swipe/text/DM him or her over to your place.


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