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Mi Abuelita Gave Me Her Opinión On These Dating Profiles...

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Mi Abuelita Gave Me Her Opinión On These Dating Profiles...

My abuela has always been curious about my love life. It’s like a Latina thing. All your family members – ESPECIALLY THE WOMEN – think your love life is public domain. I made an account on this Latino dating app called, “Chispa.” The moment I started swiping, I found some ​very interesting​ options. I have a cool ​abuela​. She’s a bit old school, but has the sweetest soul ever. I figured her opinion could help me find the one. ​This is what she said about my potential candidates​:

What my abuela said about ​Alex​:

¡AY mira! Le gustan los perros! That is always a good thing. You can trust him. And look how happy the dog looks. That means he will be a great dad for your kids! His clothes are clean! He has a dog and HIS CLOTHES ARE CLEAN! 

Abuela’s Verdict:​ Of course! If you go out with him, ​yo les cuido al perro​.

What my abuela said about ​Miguel​:

Ándale! Those arms!!! Do you think he can carry us both with them? He’s ​muuuy​ guapo! But that tattoo on the shoulder. I don’t like it. 

Verdict: ​Yes of course, bring him to dinner anytime. Just ask him to wear a shirt ​con mangas​. I don’t want to see that shoulder tattoo ​de​ ​cerca​.

What my abuela said about ​Victor​:

Uff, arms again! Arms without tattoos. I think we have a WINNER! And he can cook! What is he cooking? Is that ribs and chicken? Why is he wearing gloves? I don’t wear gloves when I cook…

Verdict: ​Yes, a strong man that can cook is always welcomed in this family.

My Final Thoughts:

So, basically my ​abuela​ has a thing for arms and beards…which, is weird, because my abuelo has neither. Hmm? 

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