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This Beer Gets You High...Then Sobers You Up!

Culture & Community By Emma Betuel1230 views
This Beer Gets You High...Then Sobers You Up!

Excerpt: "IIVERSE"

Earlier this year, Canadian “cannabis brewery startup” Province Brandsannounced it was on their way to creating a bonafide weed beer. The startup isn’t the first to embark on the road to THC-laced drinks, but their barley-based and cannabis oil-laced concoction boasts some strange “proprietary” additives. Most interesting is a “decelerant” that the company says will provide a quick and easy comedown from the high, leaving you sober and ready to go about your business.

To make their product, Province Brands teamed up with another Canada-based cannabis oil company, Element GP, to help moderate the effects of this experimental weed beer. In June, The Toronto Star reported that “The beverage will contain an accelerant to make intoxicating effects hit faster like alcohol, and a decelerant to bring the effect down sooner than, say, smoking a joint.” It’s not a bad idea, considering that nobody has completely figured out how to regulate the combined effects of THC and alcohol just yet.