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This is what happens to your body when you stop having sex

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This is what happens to your body when you stop having sex

Sex is great. It feels good, it’s healthy and it generally perks up your day.

Excerpt: "Metro"

With the help of Dr Mark Lawton from the the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV, we give you the lowdown on what happens to your body when you’re not getting any.

1) Nope, your vagina will not get tighter

Nope, you will not become revirginalised.. And nope, your hymen will definitely not grow back. Any tightness felt when you start having sex again is a relaxation issue, says Dr Mark Lawton. ‘It’s important that you relax when you have sex. If you don’t, the muscles can tense up which makes sex painful,’ he says.

2) You might feel more depressed and anxious

It’s well known that the release of endorphins during and after love-making improves your mood and makes you less stressed. So, when you stop, you will no longer benefit from that release. ‘Certainly sex releases endorphins and happy hormones that give a sense of wellbeing that you might no longer get,’ says Dr Lawton.

3) Decreased risk of STIs and UTIs

Your risk of sexually transmitted diseases will decrease dramatically if you stop having sex. Funnily enough. Women who also know the excruciating, burning pain of urinary tract infections can rejoice in knowing their chances of developing them decrease too, with sex being a main cause.

4) Libido drop

Some good news for those worrying about being haunted by sexual frustration. Your sex drive it turns out is likely to drop anyway when you stop having regular sex as you won’t be experiencing the same rush of hormones.


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